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R e f e r e n c e   p o i n t
Alexey Aliev, Denis Tevekov
(Nizhny Tagil)
December 10-26, 2008

Alexey AlievDenis Tevekov

Alexey Aliev and Denis Tevekov are young representatives of unique school of abstraction in Nizhny Tagil (a town at 200 kms from Ekaterinburg), whose alma mater is Art and Graphic Department of Nizhny Tagil State Social-pedagogical Academy. The guys are the highschool graduates of 2005. On graduating from the academy Denis worked in native high school as a teacher of chair of drawing (2005-2008), and Alexey has tried itself in teaching painting in Ural College of Applied Art (2007-2008). Today the artists have left teaching activity and have entirely plunged into art.

Both artists work in pronounced author's manner, continuing on a new time round art strategy of abstract expressionists of Europe and USA of 1960th, which embodying "painting of action" / "painting of gesture".

The appreciable, richly loaded texture and spontaneously formed plastic form that do not contain visually recognized images are inherent in A.Aliev and D.Tevekova's painting. The colourful masses, an energetically put drawing show rather dynamics of the modern world, spirit of megalopolis and emotional experiences of the person living in it.

For Alexey Aliev and Denis Tevekov the exhibition in OkNo gallery will be the first personal exhibition in creative practice of artists - participants of the All-Russia exhibitions "Image of native land" (2006, Moscow) and "Young artists of Russia" (2002, 2007, Moscow), exhibitions - projects "2 generations of the Solar square" (2007, Moscow) and "Tagil syndrome, or some annoyed artists" (2008, Ekaterinburg) and also zone, regional and city exhibitions.