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Elena Schetinkina
Sculpture, graphics, "artist book", objects, installations
February 9 - March 11, 2007

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Press release

Gallery of contemporary art "OkNo" and
The exhibition hall of Union of Russian Artists

present the exhibit by
Elena Schetinkina "River of Time. Paris"

February 9 - March 11, 2007

Paris. The city with thousand-year history, a participant of great events changing course of world history, a mecca of arts where innovatory architectural and artistic ideas get on with the classics, an unique cultural space keeping artifacts of science, engineering, and arts of many epochs.

Captivating, cheerful, ardent, indomitable, selfless, daring, rash, restless, brilliant, free, elite, creative Paris attracts and not doesn't let talented people go from it. Elena Schetinkina is one of pleiad of splendid artists captured by Paris. In spring of 2006 she returned again to this city always inspiring her in order to dip into its artistic elements, to inhale heady air of flashes of inspiration. Elena lived and worked in International artists camp.

The impressions of new meeting with the adored city were incarnated by Elena Schetinkina in the cycle "River of Time. Paris" (graphics, sculpture, installations, photos). The theme of her new work became spirit of centuries-old city, which is embodied in its inhabitants, temples, palaces, buildings, streets, bunds... Unbroken, sincere, subtle artist by Elena Schetinkina created an image of the polyphonically sounding city.

For the first time in her artistic practice Elena Schetinkina adverts to photography, using multiple exposure that permits to combine several images in one frame and to installation, applying new for her language and untraditional materials.

A musical installation will be performed by Ekaterina Temerova at the vernisage.

Svetlana Shlyapnikova

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