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Svetlana Sukhova, Evgenia Zinovyeva,
Philipp Lychagin (Chelyabinsk)
Artist's book
February 18 - March 2, 2013

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O n   t h e   p h o t o s   a b o v e :

Svetlana Sukhova
James M. Barrie, "Peter Pan and Wendy", ch. 1. 28 pp, book cover, dustcover

Evgenia Zinovyeva
Saloméja Néris, "Egle, queen of snakes". 10 pages, 5 illustrations, 5 narrow pages with handwritten text

Philipp Lychagin
Ray Bradbury, "Death and the Maiden". 34 pp, 11 illustrations; "A Matter of Taste". 34 pp, 11 illustrations; "One timeless spring". 30 pp, 10 illustrations

With the assistance of SUSU Department of Design and Fine Arts